Saturday 2 January 2010

Raiden Fighter Jet : Seibu SPI : Seibu 1998


Third instalment in the Raiden Fighters series.

RFJ Japanese Flyer

Move strip / marquee

Cardboard marquee. Nice.

Scan of the above.
Various images of the SPi Motherboard and cartridges

Dip switches.
Vol.1 Left channel volume
Vol.2 Right channel volume
JP1 is used for loading new cartridges,
JP2 selects between mono and stereo.
SW1 reverses the on screen picture.
CN1 connector for the stereo output.

Don't fuck around with the red switch ;)

An older SPi cartridge, Senkyu, uses a slightly different layout.

SXX2D revision of the motherboard.

Single PCB variation of RFJ.


  1. Is there any way to disable region locking on the SPI board (heard there was locking on the carts according to region)?

    You lucky bastard and all your arcade hardware!

  2. Most of the hardware that I have owned gets played and then sold on. ;)

    As for region locking. If you have an EPROM programmer you can burn yourself a different region PRG0 ROM (u0211 from the MAME ROM sets) and you should be good to go.

    1. hi, would you have one like this up for sale?
      my email is :

      thx dj

  3. Hello Ikotsu,

    I got a Raiden Fighters Jet w/o the mobo (JP). The thing I did not know is that RFJ uses a revision of the SPI hardware

    Here you wrote that you need the SXX2D revision of the mobo, but on some other there is the SXX2C

    Can I use both?