Monday, 28 December 2009

G Darius : Taito FX-1B : Taito 1997

Gダライアス : G Darius

Instruction Strips

Various images of the G Darius PCB.

Sony ZN-1 motherboard

ZROM daughterboard
Title screens
Promotional material

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Strider Hiryu 2 Flyer


ESP.Ra.De : Cave 1st Gen PCB : Cave 1998


Instruction card.


DoDonPachi : Cave 1st Gen PCB : Cave 1997

怒首領蜂 : DoDonPachi

DoDonPachi Flyer

Instruction card


Mr Driller G PCB : Namco System 10 : Namco 2001

ミスタードリラーG : Mr Driller G

Picture of the daughterboard, these are interchangeable between System 10 games. This one is Mr Driller 2.

Psyvariar Medium Unit kit : G-Net : Success 2001

Psyvariar Medium Unit : サイヴァリアミディアムユニット

Box is a bit beaten up.

Kit contents. PCMCIA card and plastic case, A4 colour marquee, move strip, manual and polystyrene box insert.

Marquee scan

Guwange : Cave 1st Gen PCB : Cave 1999


A few Guwange PCB images.

Armed Police Batrider : Raizing/8ing 1998

アームドポリス バトライダー : Armed Police Batrider

Welcome to Violent City

Instructional Info

Various pictures of the PCB.

Taiwanese A Version.

Korean B version.