Thursday, 28 January 2010

Final Fight : Capcom CPS : Capcom 1989


Originally titled Street Fighter '89. A classic 2 player side scrolling brawler from Capcom on the CP System.

The full PCB consists of three layers.

Complete with motherboard.

Progear : Capcom CPS2 : Cave/Capcom 2001


Progear boot / bootleg / conversion

Various pictures of the
Bootleg / Conversion PCB. The PCB would have started out life as some other CPS2 game, hard to tell which, before it was converted it in to Progear with a new set of EPROMs. Due to Progear being one of the best (and also most expensive) CPS2 titles a fair number of titles have ended up this way.

Once opened it's obvious that the game didn't leave Capcom in this state. Other tell tell signs that it is a conversion are the laser printed Progear label and the fact that blue cased (
US region) Progears are rare as fuck.

PosterVarious PCB images

An original CPS2 board below, easily distinguishable.If you're interested in making your own Progear conversion you will need the following things.

Donor CPS2 board. Any game with an F or G PAL
Soldering Iron/solder Etc
30cm of thin wire (not required for PAL G games)
1 x 27c010 EPROM
2 x 27c4096 EPROMs
6 x M27C322 EPROMs
EPROM Eraser
EPROM burner. Needs to compatable with the above, natch.

The 27C010 and 27C4096 can be erased and recycled. The M27C322 can to be purchased from ebay.

I have taken the time to convert the SIMM data from the MAME ROM set to bin format ready for burning. They can be downloaded from here

Burn the files with the EPROM burner.

1 X 27c010 for 1.bin This is the Q-Sound data
2 x 27c4096 for 3.bin & 4.bin. These are the Program ROMs
6 x 27c322 for 11.bin - 19.bin These are the sound and gfx ROMs.

Once burned insert in to the B board and check the jumpers are soldered in this order.


The Jumpers are located above 1, to the left of 12 and underneath 16 and 20.
If the donor board used a PAL G you're good to go, if it was a PAL F bend leg 7 so that it does not make contact with the socket then solder a wire between this pin and C13, location C1 on the board. That's pretty much it.

For those interested, the case sticker can be found here

The edited ROM set for HSF2AE can be found here for more bootleg fun. PAL/Jumper settings are the same as Progear but you'll need a few more EPROMs.

2 x 27c010 EPROMs
8 x 27c4096 EPROMs
10 x M27C322 EPROMs


Note. If the donor board was working then you should remove the battery and short out the capacitor CC1. This removes any charge left on the board and will clear the original encryption keys from SRAM.

Finally, the ROM files for SSF2X have been modified by idc so that they can be programmed on to a regular CPS2 board without the need for the daughter board. Same PAL/Jumper settings apply. The files can be found here.

Tetris Plus 2 : Jaleco 1997


Nice little twist on the Tetris genre with three game modes. Endless, puzzle and VS. The endless mode plays like regular Tetris only blocks drop containing various letters. These blocks need to be formed in to lines to release the contained letter and spell out a word. Completion of the word completes the level... Puzzle mode adds a small character to the mix. The character is placed on top of some Tetris pieces but wishes to get to the bottom of the screen, remove the pieces in their way to complete the level. VS mode is the same as endless mode only for 2 players simultaneously.

Various PCB images

Instruction manual, courtesy of mufunyo
pdf manual

There seems to be a problem with the dip switches. Free play does not work and the board will crash if set to English.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Tekken 3 : Namco System 12 : Namco 1996


US flyer

Move strip
Based on the PSX hardware. Not much to say about the game. This particular PCB looks like it has been fixed or modded in some way due to the ominous black wires soldered to the underside.

Various images of the PCB.

DevilSoundwave custom CPS2 -> Namco kick harness

Sunday, 3 January 2010

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou in the wild ^_^

Always nice to see some classics on location, even if it is in Japan.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Raiden Fighter Jet : Seibu SPI : Seibu 1998


Third instalment in the Raiden Fighters series.

RFJ Japanese Flyer

Move strip / marquee

Cardboard marquee. Nice.

Scan of the above.
Various images of the SPi Motherboard and cartridges

Dip switches.
Vol.1 Left channel volume
Vol.2 Right channel volume
JP1 is used for loading new cartridges,
JP2 selects between mono and stereo.
SW1 reverses the on screen picture.
CN1 connector for the stereo output.

Don't fuck around with the red switch ;)

An older SPi cartridge, Senkyu, uses a slightly different layout.

SXX2D revision of the motherboard.

Single PCB variation of RFJ.