Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tetris Plus 2 : Jaleco 1997


Nice little twist on the Tetris genre with three game modes. Endless, puzzle and VS. The endless mode plays like regular Tetris only blocks drop containing various letters. These blocks need to be formed in to lines to release the contained letter and spell out a word. Completion of the word completes the level... Puzzle mode adds a small character to the mix. The character is placed on top of some Tetris pieces but wishes to get to the bottom of the screen, remove the pieces in their way to complete the level. VS mode is the same as endless mode only for 2 players simultaneously.

Various PCB images

Instruction manual, courtesy of mufunyo
pdf manual

There seems to be a problem with the dip switches. Free play does not work and the board will crash if set to English.

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