Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nanao MS9 Schematic & Info

株式会社ナナオ MS9 : Nanao MS9-29SU Schematic

Not the greatest quality, in fact hardly legible but better than fuck all. ^_^

A couple of page scans with the chassis pots.

Image of the chassis controls.

R CUT OFF : Red Cut Off
B CUT OFF : Blue Cut Off
G CUT OFF : Green Cut Off
SUB CONT : Sub Contrast
ABL : Automatic Brightness Limiter

HH.24 : Horizontal Hold 24 khz
HH.15 : Horizontal Hold 15 khz
PARA : Parallelogram
SPC 24 : Side PinCushion 24 khz
H.S.LIN : Horizontal Linearity
SPC 15 : Side PinCushion 15 khz
TRAP : Trapezoid
V.LIN : Vertical Linearity
V.S.Limit : Vertical Size Limit

There is an MS8 schematic here

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