Friday 17 August 2012

Ketsui Save Hack

Ketsui Save Hack.

Another hack courtesy of austere. This is the V3 revision of the ROM patched to save high scores in the NVRAM.

Instructions. (At your own risk, etc)

Download the archive 
Extract the file ketsui_v100.u38
Write to a 27C160 EPROM
Place in the U38 socket on the Ketsui PCB
Good to go.

When powered up you should be greeted with a screen like the one below.

Note. If the game hangs after the region warning reboot in to the test menu, factory reset [9. DEFAULT] set to coin play, reboot again, enter a few coins and hit the start button a few times whilst still on the region warning screen. Scores may appear garbled first boot due to spurious data in the NVRAM, these will go as the table fills up with legitimate scores.

Also note;  if the PCB is powered off whilst the game is saving the NVRAM contenets may get corrupted. If this occurs follow the steps above. Inserting a V1 Ketsui ROM and factory resetting is also a option if that fails.

Thanks to austere for the hack and Shady994/idc for the decryption tools.


  1. I should also add that a battery is needed for the save to function and that the Arrange mode 1.0 by Trap15 will corrupt the scores if inserted in to the PCB.

  2. I really hope they do this save hack for Espgaluda!!

  3. took a while...