Friday, 7 May 2010

World Rally Championship PCB - Gaelco 1993

ワールド ラリー チャンピアンシップ

Various images of the PCB

PCB layout schematic
Suicide battery compartment

DIP switches
Volume control and program ROMs

DIP switch settings

It seems that this PCB has some sync issues with certain cabs. This is because the video ground on the PCB is not connected. A simple fix would be to solder a bridge directly from pin14 to GND on the PCB.

Image courtesy of Jonny5/ArcadeOtaku.

Lastly a way of reviving dead boards has been found. This has been translated/copy/pasted from the site listed below.

Initially, it should be checked if the play committed suicide well. A world rally committed suicide will post “COPROCESSOR NOT READY normally”. Ca will not prevent the play from turning, but it will plant thereafter.

What is necessary:

1. A PC with a port series
2. A converter RS232 towards TTL (a circuit based around a MAX functions)
3. The file wrdallas.bin of the US version of world rally which is in Mame
3. A utility to convert the file wrdallas.bin with the Intel format.
4. A pile with lithium CR2032 lithium


1. In the first time, prudently remove the plastic lid in the middle of the pcb. Made attention because there are components assembled on the surface and very fine tracks in lower part.

2. Under the lid you will find a battery and a connector 5 pins.
Initially, test the battery with a multimeter.
If the terminal voltage of the pile exceeds 3V then there are chances that the problem does not come from protection but moreover on the chart
If the tension is lower than 3V then remove it and replace it by a news.

NOTE: if the pcb were not committed suicide, the change of pile will commit suicide it.

3. Connect interface RS232/TTL to the connector 5 pins in the following way:

O stitches 5 = MASS (GND)
O stitches 4 = PROG
O stitches 3 = TXD
O stitches 2 = RXD
O stitches 1 = +5V

Pin 1 is indicated by a white point beside the connector.
Pin 4 (PROG) must be connected to mass (GND) via a switch.

4. Connect the pcb world rally on your terminal or supergun, then connect interface RS232/TTL to the PC.
Launch HyperTerminal on the PC with like parameters: 2400 NR 8 1 and xon/xoff for the handshake
Light the terminal or the supergun.

5. Connect pin 4 (PROG) the mass by using the switch.
Via HyperTerminal should receive to you like answer [DS5002 LOADER VERSION X.X COPYRIGHT (c) XXX DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR].
Finally send U to resolve safety. You should receive like answer [UNLOCKED].

6. Launch notepad and open the file wrdallas.bin which you will as a preliminary have converted with the Intel formal.
Select all the text (CTRL+A), copy it in the clipboard (CTRL+C).
Send a L in the hyperterminal. Prompt should appear.
Stick the contents of the clipboard in the hyperterminal (CTRL+V).
Then wait until new prompt appears. The loading can be long (more than 10 minutes)

7. This point, the processor was charged with the file wrdallas.bin and re-initialized. The play probably has rebooter and must function correctly.
Now, disconnect pin 4 (PROG) from the mass via the switch, then reconnectez with the mass, always via the switch.
On the hyperterminal should receive to you again like answer [DS5002 LOADER VERSION X.X COPYRIGHT (c) XXX DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR].
Send Z to give safety. You should receive like answer “LOCKED”.

8. Again disconnect pin 4 from the mass via the switch, then extinguish the terminal/supergun.
Remove interface RS232 /TTL of the connector 5 pins.
Relight the terminal/supergun.
If very “COPROCESSOR OK occurred well” should appear in blue. Check that the play functions correctly.

9. If all functions correctly, closes again the plastic lid gently and makes safe it with a little adhesive or an end
of Scotch tape.

taken from


  1. Excelent Blog, man!!! CONGRATULATION!!!!

  2. Thanks for assembling all this info. just got one of these boards will need to do the sync fix and check the battery :-). Great stuff.

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  4. hi there
    can the original file from a gaelco pc be downloaded through hyperterminal by receiveing file option?

    Best Regards

  5. i mean from a gaelco identical pcb....


    1. no. once you unlock the CPU via terminal it erases itself. its part of the Secure CPU setup it has.

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